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Young Britishs can travel to Australia for just 10 Pound.

Young Britishs can travel to Australia for just 10 Pound.


An incredible offer for young people has made it possible for them to fly from the UK to Australia for just  10 pound.

The price of a plane ticket from London to Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is around one thousand euros, but the purpose of giving a special discount in May is to encourage foreign workers to visit the Australian state.

Young Europeans have long regarded Australia as a land of opportunity, a place to learn new careers or to travel in light sunbags.

The South Australian Tourism Commission is now launching a campaign to bring young people back to the country, reducing coronary restrictions this year.

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The condition for using this very cheap ticket is to be 18 to 30 years old in the UK or 18 to 35 years old in Ireland, and potential passengers must be ready to fly to Adelaide before 30 September 2022.

200 incredibly cheap round-trip tickets with Qatar Airways, which go on sale in May, take passengers from Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin to Adelaide.

South Australian Tourism Minister Zoe Betison says South Australia welcomes the return of jobseekers, saying the event is a real win for young people eager to travel and work abroad and a win for industry. It's their local tourism.

What do you need for a work or vacation visa?
In addition to the above criteria, young British and Irish people must obtain a "work and holiday" visa. Of course, young people do not have to specify a job in advance when applying.

They have to pay around 333 euros to get a visa, which is valid for 12 months. However, if young people love the remote areas of Australia, they can continue their adventure with a "second" work and vacation visa.

With the reduction of Crohn's restrictions on April 17 in Australia, visa holders who have received all doses of the vaccine will no longer need to be tested before traveling home.
The campaign also announced that lucky travelers would have to purchase an initial service package from the British travel company Trailfinders for ۲ 162 or € 192. This initial package includes three nights in the dormitory and information on how to set up a bank account and find a job.

Why travel to Adelaide?
Adelaide is not always the first choice of vacationers. Sydney and Melbourne's famous places with international cafes are more popular, but it should be noted that Adelaide also has good beaches for swimming after work.

British and Irish nationals also have many ways to work in bars, restaurants, wineries, hotels and farms in South Australia, especially Adelaide.

According to officials in Southern Ireland, this economic and cultural exchange between people on both sides of the globe could benefit both sides.

So if you are tempted for a new role in the sun, you can apply at Trailfinders.

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